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[Oct 10, 2008 10:15 AM]

Labour Management

This is a joint committee which meets from time to time to discuss matters not related to contract clauses or negotiations which might bring about a better work environment.

Incumbent Term
Jody Welch April 2014
Alison Flannigan April 2014
Judy Fyles April 2014
Alternate - vacant April 2014

Health and Safety

Incumbent Term
Colleen Martin April 2013
Alison Flannigan April 2013
Alternate - Phyllis Olney April 2013

Job Evaluation

A 3 year term, one elected each year overlapping

Incumbent Term
Jody Welch April 2015
Cathy Poje April 2013
Cathy Deacon April 2014
Alternate - Marnie Crowe April 2013


Incumbent Term
Susan Kinley April 2013
Shelley Wilson April 2013


Incumbent Term
Peter Curtis April 2014
vacant April 2014
vacant April 2014


Incumbent Term
Teresa MacKenzie until the next
Jody Welch Collective Agreement
Colleen Rushant is signed
Colleen Martin and ratified


Incumbent Term
Jody Welch until the
Shelley Wilson By-Laws have
Judy Fyles been updated
Fran Johnson and approved


Incumbent Term
Chair Eleonora Brown April 2014
Jody Welch April 2014
Colleen Rushant April 2014
Fran Johnson April 2014